Company Overview

DSS Management Consultants Inc. was established in 1995 to supply consulting services to government and private industry. Our company draws on the extensive experience offered by the DSS team of experts which has been involved in designing decision support systems for over 40 years in Canada and abroad.

DSS specializes in developing and applying integrated decision support systems for a wide variety of natural resource management and environmental protection applications.  These systems are designed to assist with significant decisions ranging from regulations and policies to local operational decisions.  We offer consulting and research services to private, non-government and government organizations that are faced with making challenging decisions involving economic, environmental, engineering, social and legal elements that often have significant consequences for multiple beneficiaries.

Our goal is to assist decision makers to make better decisions when faced with complex, multifaceted natural resource and environmental management issues. Our strength is our ability to integrate diverse elements into efficient decision support systems that are technically sound yet are practical to construct and operate. Common requirements with these systems are the need to capture the divergent perspectives of multiple stakeholders and to produce transparent and reproducible results that can withstand intense public scrutiny.

Our normal practice is to develop decision support systems that are capable of forecasting benefits and damages expressed in biophysical and economic measures.  To do so requires a strong understanding of ecological, engineering and physical sciences and economic and social methods.