Natural Resources Management

Our natural resources management services provide the opportunity for informed management of renewable and non-renewable resources supplied to the economy by the natural environment.  Natural resources management involves providing prudent guidance to plan actions and activities that are tied to the use and enjoyment of natural resources.  These natural resources are provided by complex ecological functions that not only are uncertain due to inherent stochasticity but are also often poorly understood.

Natural resources management also includes a “human dimension”.  Understanding the complexities and dynamics of socioeconomic systems is also essential for informed management decisions.

For these reasons, DSS commonly develops bioeconomic decision support systems with the capability to capture complex ecological and socioeconomic, positive and negative feedbacks, as well as uncertainty.   This approach allows management decisions to be based on a full appreciation of the consequences of different courses of action and the downside and upside risks of each alternative.

DSS land resources services include:
  1. Integrated Landscape Management
  2. Cumulative Impact Assessment
  3. Land Use Planning
  4. Development Capability Assessment
  5. Land Use Planning Policy Assessment
  6. Natural Area Assessments
  7. Natural Capital Accounting of Land Resources
DSS fish and wildlife resources services include:
  1. Valuation of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  2. Fish and Wildlife Management Plans
  3. Fish and Wildlife Damages Assessment
  4. Design of Fish and Wildlife Monitoring Programs
  5. Endangered Species Recovery Plans
  6. Strategies for Biodiversity Conservation
DSS water resources services include:
  1. Integrated Watershed Management
  2. Valuation of Water Resources
  3. Water Pollution Damages Assessment
  4. Optimisation of Water Monitoring Investments
  5. Natural Capital Accounting Systems for Water
DSS forestry and mining operations services include:
  1. Regulatory Policy Analysis
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Optimisation of Forest Management Operations
  4. Rehabilitation of Disturbed Sites
  5. Permitting
DSS outdoor recreation services include:
  1. User surveys Regulatory Policy Analysis
  2. Valuation of Recreation Activities
  3. Recreation Demand Analysis
  4. Recreation Capacity Assessment