Policy Analysis

DSS uses a common approach for policy analysis that is applicable to a wide range of policies in diverse settings.  Our methods are largely quantitative and involve forecasting the expected effectiveness and efficiency of proposed or existing policies from the perspective of our client and other interests; be that a government agency, a private corporation or a non-government organisation.  Central tenets of our approach are:

  • Make the best use of the best available science, knowledge and data,
  • Maintain clear separation between objective and normative elements,
  • Acknowledge and address complexity, risk and uncertainty,
  • Ensure transparency and replicability,
  • Integrate the views and interests of multiple parties, and
  • Produce relevant and understandable results for informed decision-making.
DSS policy analysis services include:
  1. Regulatory Impact Analysis
  2. Social Benefit-Cost Analysis
  3. Natural Capital Accounting
  4. Life Cycle Analysis
  5. Decision Analysis
  6. Performance Assessment